About Hans Comyn

Hans Comyn is a renaissance man . artist . athlete . scholar . seducer . writer . traveler . musician . cyclist . philosopher . public speaker . rebel.

How to Compliment a Woman

Have you ever seen a good-looking woman react to praise by withdrawing? You work up the nerve to tell her "You are beautiful," and she reacts to your praise by distancing herself... Does it feel rude to you? Do you feel rejected? Why would she do that? Well... why wouldn't she? Think about it... why [...]

Did you have sex while you were away?

I knew she was going to ask. I am prepared, and yet, there is always a tension... We are waking up together... I am not sure how this will go - our relationship is young - but I am confident because I have been here before. I am confident because I am true to myself, [...]

4-Step Guide to a Heartbreak

When is the last time you were heartbroken? My last heartbreak was in 2012. My girlfriend had something with my best friend, and it affected me greatly. I will tell you more details when we meet. Most of us have been heartbroken. And more than a necessary evil, I believe heartbreak is essential in the [...]

Sex – Further Exploration

The Way of a Seducer talks about life, not about a certain lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, I address an issue a lot of men deal with at some point in their life: we desire to see more than one woman, and struggle with (not) telling it to the other woman, or women, in our [...]

on Purity of Mind

Purity of mind is all-powerful. Purity of mind grants you enthusiasm and builds the strength to carry you through hard times. Cultivate your will to power by purifying your mind. Most men lack in enthusiasm and strength because they are constantly distracted. They are scattered and lack in focus. Their mind is not pure. The [...]