5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

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Recently, I made a facebook post and a YouTube video on why ‘getting into a relationship’ is terrible for your relationships. In a way, to get ‘together’ with someone is often the beginning of the [...]

Seek to be Seduced

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Seek to be seduced One should always seek to be seduced. It is the only thing that matters, it is your number one concern. So as not to succumb to the invisible powers of the [...]

Why girls don’t reply to you (even if she likes you)

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Have you ever had a good encounter with a girl, but afterwards she does not reply to your messages? Or a date that felt good, but afterwards she becomes unresponsive? You can feel she likes [...]

When words say too much

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An essential trait of any intimate relationship is to be inclusive with your partner. To be inclusive of the other means that you take (part of) the responsibility in making sure the other knows about the [...]