How to Love (a Woman)

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  Go out and meet women.  Desire women. Worship them. Get nervous and talk to Her anyway. Absolutely love, love, LOVE women.  Celebrate the whole of womanhood in every woman you meet. Get rejected. Lose [...]

The Holy Trinity of Experiences

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  There are 3 experiences that will teach you everything about life and love you want to know. Words, courses, books, workshops,... may serve as valuable guides in your journey through life, but there is [...]

How to Compliment a Woman

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Have you ever seen a good-looking woman react to praise by withdrawing? You work up the nerve to tell her "You are beautiful," and she reacts to your praise by distancing herself... Does it feel [...]

Did you have sex while you were away?

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I knew she was going to ask. I am prepared, and yet, there is always a tension... We are waking up together... I am not sure how this will go - our relationship is young [...]