the Way of a Seducer Course Part 1 (plus bonus Part 0)


The WOAS Course is my life’s work and challenges you to become a man for whom no woman is out of his league, a man who has the confidence he can express his authentic self in every social situation, knows he has what it takes to lead each of his relationships into glory, and that the women he fancies are the ones that fancy him.

Are you ready to take on the Missions we laid out for you? You can start with the First 4 Missions announced in Part 1. 


Product Description

It appears to me that at the heart of every failing relationship lies a lack of seduction and that our most severe frustrations come from a profound disenchantment, the feeling of not being able to seduce nor be seduced.

Seduction is the most difficult and artistic achievement of every encounter (meeting, dating, relating) because, more than making us happy or horny, it fills us with wonder.

The Way of a Seducer Course will use 12 missions to challenge you to become the man you always dreamed of being…


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