the Way of a Seducer

Seduction is of the essence.

It appears to me that at the heart of every failing relationship lies a lack of seduction and that our most severe frustrations come from a profound disenchantment, the feeling of not being able to seduce nor be seduced.
Our partnerships, marriages, families and communities start to crumble the moment we stop seducing each other, and your self decays when you lose the aptitude to seduce or be seduced.

Seduction is the most natural cure for pain,
and a sublime manner in which to practice love.
It is the human way to adapt to new surroundings,
our last frontier,
and a gateway to liberation.
Seduction is the fastest track to spiritual enlightenment,
and your surest route to salvation.

Seduction gives meaning, seduction breathes life…
It is the most difficult and artistic achievement of every encounter because, more than making us happy or horny, it fills us with wonder. It allows us to marvel at this magical world.

And yet, nearly always, seduction is articulated as a mere means to an end. Its exploration, almost exclusively, tries to answer the question ‘What works?’. We seem interested in seduction only as far as it provides us with the tools to take from the other what we covertly desire.

But what works in seduction is not my main concern. What works in seduction is not the motif of this book.

To me, seduction is a form of art – the highest one – beautiful in its own regard, and to be explored and articulated for its own sake.
I have devoted my life to it.

And the compass with which I have undertaken the voyage across the vast seas of this divine art is not efficiency, but integrity. I do not try to figure out what works; I wonder ‘What’s right?’. My main concern pertains to the right way for a man to seduce a woman. The noble way. The beautiful, artistic way. In seduction, nothing matters more than my honor.

Alas, there are no books on how to seduce with honor, and when I could not find the book I wanted to read, I decided to write it myself.

the Way of a Seducer is my code of honor on how to seduce. It is a credo to carve my path in the land of women and a manifesto to guide my journey through the art of seduction. This book is a poetic meditation on my integrity as a seducer, resulting in a collection of maxims and insights that serve as reminders to myself.

from the foreword of “the Way of a Seducer”

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