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the Way of a Seducer

A Code of Honor to a Lost Art

It appears to me that at the heart of every failing relationship lies a lack of seduction and that our most severe frustrations come from a profound disenchantment, the feeling of not being able to seduce nor be seduced.

Seduction is the most difficult and artistic achievement of every encounter because, more than making us happy or horny, it fills us with wonder.

The Way of a Seducer records my voyage across the vast seas of the divine art that is seduction, a voyage directed not by the compass of efficiency, but integrity. I did not try to figure out what works; I wondered ‘What’s right?’. My main concern pertained to the right way for a man to seduce a woman. The noble way. The beautiful, artistic way.

This book is my code of honor on how to seduce, a poetic meditation on the integrity of a seducer, resulting in a collection of maxims and insights into this sacred art.


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